Your Enterprise Data Platform: Should You Build or Buy?

Before embarking on a major project to establish or extend an enterprise data and analytics platform, IT leaders should explore their options for speeding time to market and generating potential cost-savings within their IT infrastructure.

CIOs today now have a choice between building or extending a solution in-house or using cloud-native managed service solutions that can rapidly address their digital transformation objectives—whether that’s a completely new initiative or scaling or modernizing an in-house solution to meet new use cases.

To help understand which approach can deliver the optimal short- and long-term benefits for your organization, we’ve developed a handy comparison tool that can help you analyze your build vs. buy options across parameters such as cost, time to value, quality, and more.

For a better understanding of the pros and cons of building a data platform in-house versus leveraging a managed service data and analytics platform in the cloud, download and review this decision support grid.

This handy decision support tool—with factors to consider sourced from leading analysts, consultants, and publishers—will give you:
A tabular comparison of an in-house solution vs. a health cloud managed services solution

Succinct explanations for “Build vs. Buy” facts across a range of ten crucial parameters

How each parameter aligns to health system objectives across three key decision points, including evaluating the investment, accelerating time to value, and enhancing quality and control

Contrast of time and cost considerations such as design and build costs, talent, training, upgrades, failure, value, governance, opportunity, technical debt, control, functionality, and more


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