BSIM Healthcare Services Selects Innovaccer’s Healthcare AI Platform as Foundation for Scaling Value-Based Care Model

Team Innovaccer
Thur 20 June 2024
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Leveraging Innovaccer's healthcare AI platform, BSIM Healthcare Services aims to improve care delivery for underserved communities and broaden services in alignment with its vision to provide more equitable healthcare.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, June 20, 2024- Innovaccer Inc., a leading healthcare AI company, announced a partnership with BSIM Healthcare Services, which is dedicated to delivering comprehensive care to underserved communities. BSIM Healthcare Services aims to enhance its care delivery model, optimize resource utilization, and drive better health outcomes for the communities it serves. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in BSIM Healthcare Services' mission as they move forward with their first value-based care contract for 2500 lives, with a vision to extend their reach to more lives in the near future.

“The decision to focus on underserved populations stems from a deep understanding of the systemic inequities that pervade the healthcare system. Innovaccer is critical to helping us meet our mission as we aim to improve health outcomes and drive systemic change by demonstrating the effectiveness of a holistic and inclusive approach to healthcare,” said Dr. Habib Shamte, co-founder and CEO of BSIM Healthcare Services. “Innovaccer’s analytics capabilities will help us to stratify risk, identify patient needs, and support mobile health applications to improve engagement and self-management. Working with Innovaccer will enable BSIM to respond proactively to shifts in healthcare policy and payment structures and address the diverse needs of our communities.”

BSIM’s value-based care model focuses on outcomes rather than procedures, incentivizing the delivery of efficient and effective care that leads to improved patient health. BSIM Healthcare Services will leverage Innovaccer’s platform to gain better visibility into their patient population and implement Innovaccer’s Care Management, Advanced Risk Adjustment, and Population Health Analytics solutions. By harnessing the power of Innovaccer’s solution suite, BSIM will strengthen its ability to provide efficient, effective, and empathetic care to those in need.

"We are honored to be a part of BSIM Healthcare Services’ journey as they expand their reach and deepen their community impact through strategic initiatives," said Abhinav Shashank, cofounder and CEO of Innovaccer. "Innovaccer and the BSIM team are committed to being at the forefront of healthcare innovation, promoting sustainability, and enhancing the quality of life for underserved communities. Our innovative solutions empower BSIM to unlock the full potential of their data and will provide a strong foundation for future scalability as they broaden their scope of services.”

About BSIM Healthcare Services

BSIM Healthcare Services is dedicated to addressing healthcare disparities and improving outcomes for underserved populations. BSIM’s patient-centered approach integrates medical, behavioral, and social interventions to provide holistic care. Through a value-based care model, we aim to create a healthcare model that not only treats illness but also addresses the social and economic factors responsible for health inequities.

About Innovaccer

Innovaccer is the data platform that accelerates care innovation through innovative AI technologies. Innovaccer ’s AI-powered healthcare platform unifies patient data across systems and care settings and empowers healthcare organizations with scalable, modern applications that improve clinical, financial, operational, and experiential outcomes. Innovaccer ’s EHR-agnostic solutions have been deployed across more than 1,600 hospitals and clinics in the US, enabling care delivery transformation for more than 96,000 clinicians, and helping providers work collaboratively with payers and life sciences companies. Innovaccer has helped its customers unify health records for more than 54 million people and generate over $1.5 billion in cumulative cost savings. The Innovaccer platform is an industry-leading data and analytics platform, the Best in KLAS CRM solution, and the #1 rated population health technology platform by Black Book. For more information, please visit


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