Innovaccer Unveils Sara, Healthcare’s First Self-Serve Conversational AI Assistant at HIMSS23

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Mon 17 Apr 2023
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HIMSS23 attendees will be first in the industry to experience the company’s next wave of innovative solutions, including the first conversational AI that makes generating complex analytic insights as easy as texting


  • Innovaccer is unveiling six new breakthrough solutions that help providers accelerate their success with population health, consumerism, and value-based care.
  • Leading the lineup is Sara, the first conversational AI for healthcare analytics. Sara gives business leaders, physicians, and care teams a chat-easy way to get accurate answers to population health questions. Forget SQL. Don’t bug the data team. Stop waiting days or weeks for reports. Just ask Sara, and get answers in seconds!
  • Other disruptive solutions to be unveiled at Innovaccer’s HIMSS23 booth 2216 include Health Equity, Readmission Predict, Risk AI, Network Optimizer, and Health 1:1—all designed to help providers accelerate their success with connected, patient-centered, high-quality care.

SAN FRANCISCO and Chicago—April 17, 2023—HIMSS23 Booth 2216—PR NewswireInnovaccer stole the spotlight at HIMSS23 today as it unveiled no less than six innovative solutions designed to help providers improve key clinical, financial, and operational performance metrics associated with value-based care delivery—regardless of the reimbursement model, be that fee-for-service (FFS), value-based care (VBC), or alternative payment models (APM). Whether operating under commercial, Medicare, Medicare Advantage, or Medicaid contracts, or even providing indigent care, Innovaccer is helping providers improve care quality, enhance financial performance, automate operations, and deliver hyper-personalized consumer experiences that improve healthcare outcomes for all.

Leading the charge is Sara, a breakthrough in the field of healthcare AI for its ability to generate human-like responses and engage in meaningful explorations of population health data with healthcare professionals. Sara is a conversational AI assistant that literally puts the full breadth and depth of enterprise healthcare analytics into the hands of healthcare managers, physicians, and care teams. Anyone can ask Sara complex questions about their health system’s population and get immediate answers on clinical, financial, or operational metrics.

“I can’t think of a single health system, hospital, or individual provider that isn’t committed to improving the health outcomes of their community as a whole,” said Abhinav Shashank, cofounder and CEO of Innovaccer. ”Population health isn’t tied to any one payment model; it’s tied to the community. And every provider will tell you that they need better tools and technology to deliver the level of care and experiences that consumers are looking for today, and the financial performance healthcare leaders are striving for in an increasingly competitive market and an economy that keeps delivering unexpected shocks to the health system. With these new solutions, plus others that Innovaccer has in the pipeline, healthcare leaders can deliver value for the healthcare organization, value for consumers, value for patients, value for providers, value to the community, and, yes, value to the US healthcare system overall, no matter what reimbursement model is in play. Now is the time to double down on value.”

Each of the one-of-a-kind solutions launched by Innovaccer today are powered by the company’s 2023 Best in KLAS healthcare data platform, which unifies patient data between disparate EHRs, HIT systems, and across care settings to give providers point-of-care access to the tools they need, seamlessly integrated into their clinical workflows. Innovaccer’s Data Activation Platform (DAP) is the secret sauce that enables the exceptional capabilities these six new solutions bring to healthcare.

“We named Sara after ‘Saraswati,’ the goddess of knowledge who brings order out of chaos,” said Kanav Hasija, cofounder and Chief Product Officer at Innovaccer. “Sara makes healthcare data conversational. It’s as easy to ask Sara for revenue PMPM as it is to ask your smartphone’s virtual assistant for directions. We see 2023 as a tipping point—a time to fully embrace healthcare consumerism and a time to double down on value. Each and every solution we’re showcasing at HIMSS is aligned with these market trends. I invite everyone to stop by our booth and see how we can partner with them to maximize their success in 2023 and beyond.”

In addition to Sara, Innovaccer is pulling the wraps off these equally disruptive solutions for healthcare professionals, each and every one designed to ramp up clinical, financial, experiential, and operational performance for providers, hospitals, and health systems:

Innovaccer’s Health 1:1 is the first enterprise customer relationship management (CRM) solution built exclusively for healthcare. "By integrating all consumer and clinical data into a longitudinal consumer/patient record, health systems can find new patients, guide their care, and seek to retain them for life. the integrated data also helps to tie financial outcomes to patient acquisition and retention initiatives, documenting downstream ROI. As the industry’s only Enterprise CRM that’s populated with all of your relevant consumer and patient data from day one, there’s no faster or more effective way to accelerate your success with consumer and patient engagement.

Innovaccer’s Health Equity is a comprehensive solution that helps health systems improve service delivery to underserved communities. They can use Area Deprivation Index (ADI) and member-level Social Vulnerability Index (SVI) scores to estimate socioeconomic needs, build cohorts based on social risk, develop targeted interventions to close care gaps, and tap the largest network of community resources for referrals. Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) insights integrated into clinical workflows help providers close care gaps at the point of care. Assessments and surveys capture a population’s complex and changing social needs, while automated workflows drive collaboration among patients, providers, and community resources with closed-loop confidential communications. And health leaders can track performance to measure and improve their health equity strategy using the solution’s customizable dashboard.

Innovaccer’s Network Optimizer is a one-stop solution for healthcare leaders to visualize market dynamics and use data to improve network design, optimize network performance, manage referral steerage, reduce network leakage, decrease care costs, and improve care quality. It uses multi-market, all-payer claims data to simulate network configurations and their influence on network performance with predictive analytics. Network Optimizer also helps predict and preempt the impact of inclusions/exclusions of any given provider group on the health system’s performance across network characteristics such as quality score, adequacy, utilization, and more.

Innovaccer’s Readmission Predict helps providers optimize discharge care planning and care management by using AI to predict the likelihood of readmissions at the time of discharge. Readmission Predict also analyzes Admission-Discharge Transfer (ADT) feeds, claims profiles, and SDoH data to suggest targeted interventions providers can act on. Care managers can then prioritize resources and devote additional appropriate attention to at-risk patients to improve care outcomes, helping avoid readmissions and associated costs.

Innovaccer’s Risk AI boosts coding accuracy by analyzing unstructured EHR and clinical data to help providers identify suspect codes and close coding gaps at the point of care. It uses AI, ML, and NLP to analyze years of unstructured documents—such as patient charts, progress notes, and discharge summaries—to flag potential conditions that might impact a person’s risk score. Suspect codes for these conditions are shown to physicians within their EHR clinical workflow, where they can easily view, accept, or reject them during the clinical encounter, closing appropriate coding gaps at the point of care. This cuts coding time, enhances coding accuracy, improves physician satisfaction and efficiency, and maximizes risk contract outcomes by significantly refining population stratification.

For more information on Innovaccer's healthcare data platform and the full portfolio of solutions and partnerships, please visit booth 2216 at the HIMSS23 Global Health Conference & Exhibition on April 17-21 in Chicago, visit, Follow us on Twitter, Network with us on LinkedIn, Like us on Facebook, and Subscribe to us on YouTube.

PRESS ONLY: For screencaps or a demonstration of any or all of these major new product introductions, or to interview customers or one of our SMEs, please contact Sachin Saxena.

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