Innovaccer Announces the Latest Advancements on Its Learning Platform to Certify Customers on the Innovaccer Health Cloud

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Tue 13 Dec 2022
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The Health Cloud company expands its online learning platform, enabling customers to create customized assessments and protocols and accelerate digital transformation

Today, Innovaccer, the Health Cloud Company, announced the expansion of Innovaccer University, an educational platform and certification program that enables customers to become certified experts on the Innovaccer® Health Cloud’s Data Activation Platform. The on-demand self-learning platform helps Innovaccer’s superhero customers by providing curated courses to accelerate innovation and digital transformation.

Created by Innovaccer’s developers and clinical experts, Innovaccer University’s self-managed courses teach users to build a foundational understanding of Innovaccer’s Care Management solution (InCare), its physician engagement solution (InNote), and its healthcare analytics solution (InGraph). With this advanced training, users can maximize the benefits of these solutions, create protocols and assessments, configure applications to meet their organization’s specific needs, and earn certifications in a variety of areas like care management workflow, healthcare data management, and advanced analytic visuals. And they can do all of this on their own schedule, breaking the cycle of waiting for training sessions or relying on vendors to customize solutions, which can take months.

“Innovaccer University provided the training I needed to help my company more effectively use protocols,” said Stacy Connor, senior implementation manager, CHESS Health Solutions. “In less than a day, I took the course and built my first protocol. We now have the ability and agility to build and edit protocols on an ad-hoc basis. This is huge for us! I am so excited to learn more about protocol building and hopefully to be able to build our own strategies in the future.”

Since the launch of Innovaccer University in June, Innovaccer customers have earned more than 300 certifications and they are on pace to earn nearly 400 certifications by the end of 2022. Innovaccer University is creating additional instructional videos for current courses and will launch new courses for every Innovaccer Health Cloud solution—comprising more than eight applications and services—in 2023.

Innovaccer University has hundreds of registered users enrolled—more than one third of Innovaccer’s customer base—and those who have completed courses have seen the following benefits:

  • Self-sufficiency configuring Innovaccer applications such as InCare and InGraph
  • The ability to rapidly create care management assets and workflows for their teams
  • The ability to build the platform to their specific needs, skipping the standard ticketing system/wait time for an Innovaccer developer to complete a task.
  • The ability to easily onboard new team members to their own platform and help with change management
  • The flexibility to augment their staff and change priorities/goals with Innovaccer solutions as their organization changes

“The rapid pace in which healthtech moves means users need to understand the solutions they’ve deployed inside and out so they can optimize them for their organization’s needs,” said Erin Boor, RN, senior director, clinical transformation at Innovaccer. “The goal of Innovaccer University is to put the customer in the driver’s seat, enabling them to customize our solutions. I’ve been amazed at the results we’ve seen so far. Customers are learning to independently configure workflows and protocols, onboarding new hires at their own pace rather than relying on our developers, and accelerating time to value. We’re excited to see more customers take Innovaccer University courses and earn certifications on the Innovaccer Health Cloud.”

To learn more about courses offered and available certifications, visit Innovaccer University.

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Innovaccer Inc., the Health Cloud company, is dedicated to accelerating innovation in healthcare. The Innovaccer® Health Cloud unifies patient data across systems and care settings, and empowers healthcare organizations to develop scalable, modern applications that improve clinical, financial, and operational outcomes. Innovaccer’s solutions have been deployed across more than 1,600 hospitals and clinics in the U.S., enabling care delivery transformation for more than 96,000 clinicians, and helping providers work collaboratively with payers and life sciences companies. Innovaccer has helped its customers unify health records for more than 39 million people and generate over $1 billion in cumulative cost savings. Innovaccer is the #1 rated Data and Analytics Platform by KLAS, and the #1 rated population health technology platform by Black Book. For more information, please visit


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