Innovaccer Named to AVIA Connect’s Top 50 Companies in Remote Patient Monitoring Report

Team Innovaccer
Fri 29 July 2022
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Innovaccer’s remote patient monitoring has been recognized by AVIA Connect for its role in advancing virtual acute care solutions to healthcare providers.

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Today, Innovaccer Inc., the Health Cloud company, announced that it has been recognized as a Top 50 Company in remote patient monitoring upon conclusion of extensive research and company outreach by AVIA Connect, the leading digital health marketplace.

Innovaccer Named to AVIA Connect’s Top 50 Companies in Remote Patient Monitoring Report

Innovaccer’s advanced remote patient monitoring (RPM) provides collaborative care solutions that allow providers to remotely track patients’ health to improve post-acute care outcomes and reduce readmission rates. Innovaccer’s RPM solution stratifies high-risk patients with integrated social determinants of health (SDoH) assessments. With actionable insights and telehealth management solutions, providers can easily know their high-risk patients, connect within seconds, track patient health on one screen and take action, streamline care coordination and improve the quality of care, and reduce the readmission rate.

“We’re honored to be recognized by AVIA Connect as a top 50 RPM vendor,” said Abhinav Shashank, cofounder and CEO of Innovaccer. “The pandemic has dramatically increased awareness of and demand for remote patient monitoring among providers and their patients, along with other transformative technologies, such as telehealth. By leveraging the power of the Innovaccer® Health Cloud’s Data Activation Platform, our RPM solution makes it easy for health systems to quickly integrate virtual patient monitoring and collaborative care delivery into their workflows so they can deliver high-quality care to patients beyond the hospital’s four walls.”

The Top 50 Companies in Remote Monitoring Report represents the aggregation and analysis of more than 1,000 health system implementation data points and highlights broader industry trends to contextualize the impact the companies and products are currently having in the space. Given the complexity and evolving nature of remote monitoring, the report helps define the remote monitoring landscape and how these solutions best support patient care.

"The pace of change and the role of digital solutions in healthcare are accelerating,” said Linda Finkel, CEO of AVIA. “AVIA Connect and the Top 50 report respond to a critical market need: providing health systems with insights and clarity into the rapidly evolving remote monitoring space. We are thrilled to help health systems understand and identify solutions that can accelerate their ability to support patients outside of the four walls of their hospitals."

AVIA Connect is a marketplace designed for healthcare leaders to research, evaluate, and add transparency to the digital health vendor selection process. The platform enables hospitals and health systems to leverage each other’s experiences to better search and shortlist vendors by topic, client, EHR integration, and Match Score—a rating that indicates how similar an organization is to a vendor’s existing client list.

Access the full report findings from AVIA Connect’s Top 50 Remote Monitoring list here.

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