Innovaccer’s New “Data Pulse” Ensures Healthy Data for Health Systems

Team Innovaccer
Thur 28 Sep 2023
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Breakthrough solution uses machine learning to help providers monitor data quality issues proactively and to ensure high-quality data from ingestion to production

SAN FRANCISCO— September 28, 2023Today Innovaccer Inc. introduced Data Pulse, a new and innovative solution that is helping providers understand, diagnose, and bring the awesome power of “data observability” to health systems, manage patient data across the enterprise, and attain maximum data quality for analytics and AI use cases. This new solution uses an advanced machine learning model and automation to enable the fastest time to implementation and ROI and ensure the highest quality data.

Data observability plays a crucial and often underappreciated role in healthcare, as it provides transparency into data health across EHRs and other HIT systems used throughout the data lifecycle. By facilitating a comprehensive view of patient and operation-centric information, data observability lets healthcare data professionals promptly identify, diagnose, and resolve data anomalies and gaps.

The result: more accurate insights and improved decision-making processes, ultimately enhancing patient care, outcomes, and health system performance. Data observability also paves the way for efficient tracking and analysis of telemetry data such as logs, metrics, and traces, fostering a proactive problem-solving approach that addresses data quality concerns while driving industry innovation.

Every second of every day, the amount of healthcare data is growing exponentially. About 30% of the world's data volume is being generated by healthcare, and by 2025, the CAGR data for healthcare will reach 36%—more than any other industry—according to RBC Capital Markets.

This surge in data volume, intricate data pipelines, increased cross-system interoperability, and data sharing, and the explosion of new digital health tools are putting immense strain on healthcare data teams, undermining organizational data system efficiency.

The journey from data acquisition to production involves multiple mission-critical transformations, making any anomaly a potential source of quality issues—such as missing or inconsistent data—that can cascade throughout systems. Most enterprise data teams are consumed by daily operational and manual troubleshooting, leaving little room for innovation due to the following:

  • Lack of advanced data monitoring often leads to recurring issues such as unnoticed volume fluctuations during ingestion, difficulty adapting to unnotified source format changes, unanticipated unauthorized database access, handling of diverse healthcare procedure codes, and more.
  • The complex implementation of universal quality checks for various data sets (such as ADT, labs, and claims) to curb inconsistencies across the data pipeline.
  • Less or no control over data quality, leading to issues such as skewed claims data and compromised insights negatively impacting care and outcomes, and even increased risk.
  • Lack of insights on data trends and patterns from ingestion to production to enable a proactive problem-solving approach to resolve and prevent issues in the future.

Innovaccer’s Data Pulse, powered by the Innovaccer Platform, drives a paradigmatic shift from data monitoring to true data observability for healthcare organizations. This means going beyond passively tracking pre-defined metrics in discrete systems to empowering health systems with a holistic understanding of data behavior, quality, and dependencies for proactive problem-solving; anomaly identification and interception; and deeper, more timely, and more actionable insights.

Innovaccer’s Data Pulse democratizes data observability to benefit stakeholders across the healthcare ecosystem, including:

  • Data Engineers can monitor data pipelines and detect issues in real time, such as identifying the exact data source causing delays in the pipeline or other performance bottlenecks, tracking data lineage and metadata to ensure traceability and integrity, and optimizing integration to improve overall efficiency.
  • Data Analysts get visibility into data inconsistencies and can identify when and how data is modified to help ensure data quality, reliability, and reproducibility.
  • Infra, Platform, and Site Reliability Engineers can track resource utilization, network traffic, and system metrics to ensure optimal performance. They can proactively identify and address system issues before they impact a system’s or platform’s availability or performance. They can also track access logs, authentication attempts, or unusual patterns to mitigate security risks and potential data breaches.
  • Healthcare Providers can make better-informed decisions based on timely insights and analytics by ensuring real-time availability of the most accurate and reliable data. Added trusted layers across pipelines ensure data can be used as a single source of truth to make vital decisions with confidence.

“Data quality and trust are fundamental, as every bad encounter with data erodes a system's credibility with users,” said Kanav Hasija, cofounder and chief product officer of Innovaccer. “With Innovaccer's Data Pulse, we're fostering a trusted data ecosystem, ensuring data quality and observability through a unified data model. By managing and ensuring real-time data readiness, we're giving our superhero customers the freedom to concentrate on their top priority: their patients. They can spot and stop data issues proactively before they become costly problems. By assuring the highest quality data, Data Pulse saves time, boosts productivity, and cuts costs by reducing or eliminating remedial efforts that squander resources in complex healthcare data environments. We want our customers to maximize the intellectual, operational, and care delivery potential of data—and Data Pulse is the innovative solution to help them do that.”

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