Innovaccer Recognized as a 'Flagship Vendor' in the Latest Chilmark Report

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Wed 6 Aug 2021
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Innovaccer Inc., a leading San Francisco-based healthcare technology company, is recognized as a Flagship Vendor in the Chilmark Research Market Trends report, "Virtual Care Management: Solutions Enabling Omnichannel Care."

This independent healthcare IT analyst group's new report looks at 16 virtual care management (VCM) leaders. According to the report, "These virtual care management (VCM) solutions enable not just remote appointments, but a wholesale transformation of the clinical experience for both patients and clinicians."

Innovaccer Earns the Highest Grade in Virtual Care Management

Innovaccer is featured in the Population Health Management (PHM) category, where Chilmark highlights the company's strengths, including Innovaccer's powerful data aggregation and analysis tools, and the fact that Innovaccer is EHR-agnostic. Innovaccer received the highest grade, an "A," in product capabilities, an "A" in its market performance evaluation, and ranked highly for its mature VCM solutions overall. Innovaccer was also recognized as one of five "Flagship Vendors" in the market.

According to the report, "New interoperability rules and the growing adoption of APIs makes developing and integrating new data sources easier than ever. Leading solutions have crossed over from simple data aggregation and reporting to transform their breadth of data into automated activity and condensed recommendations." While commenting on Innovaccer's solution offerings, the Chilmark report noted that "[Innovaccer's] breadth of virtual care elements allows chronic care and home management structures to be built based on patient or clinical needs."

Innovaccer's "Speed-to-Value" Stands Out

Innovaccer enables customers to achieve in weeks what would otherwise take months with homegrown solutions or other vendors. The report acknowledges Innovaccer's "Speed of data ingestion to the deployment of actionable recommendations," "data quality monitoring and management," and "customer support and service offerings" as just some of the features that differentiate Innovaccer from other healthcare IT vendors.

The Chilmark report also states, "Adoption remains driven by systems with ACOs or VBC exposure, while FFS reimbursement remains a significant disincentive. Ownership of downside risk is one of the largest factors driving adoption" among hospitals and health systems for sourcing Virtual Care Management (VCM) solutions.

"The COVID-19 pandemic has put immense pressure on healthcare organizations to accelerate their transformation efforts," said Abhinav Shashank, Chief Executive Officer at Innovaccer. "To strategically transform, organizations need to adopt technology that empowers them to innovate rapidly and at scale, and most importantly, puts and keeps patients at the center. With the Innovaccer Health Cloud, we're improving care experiences, and uniting providers, payers, and patients to care as one. We thank our innovative customers for making it possible for us to earn this recognition, which is a testament to their impact on healthcare's transformation."

"What we've seen with telehealth is amazing, but it isn't transformative," said Alex Lennox-Miller, the Chilmark report's author. "With a focus on longitudinal care, these technologies improve access, reduce costs, and help deliver care more quickly. They give us the opportunity to genuinely transform how providers and patients experience healthcare."

You can download the report for free to read more about the future of Virtual Care Management.

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