KLAS Recognizes Innovaccer as One of the Most Able to Assist Organizations with Future VBC Needs

Team Innovaccer
Wed 23 Nov 2022
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Respondents cited Innovaccer’s “impressive dashboards and predictive analytics,” and the company’s ability to “build customized solutions to meet customers’ unique [VBC] needs”

SAN FRANCISCO—November 22, 2022KLAS Research has ranked Innovaccer as one of the top three vendors best able to support the future of value-based care in a new report, “Value-Based Care Reimbursement 2022.”

The report features respondents citing Innovaccer as “a vendor that will be able to assist with VBC in the future because of their impressive dashboards and predictive analytics.” It also calls out Innovaccer’s ability to partner with customers to build customized solutions that meet their unique needs as a key attribute for supporting the future of VBC. KLAS also included Epic and Arcadia.io among the top three. Overall, the report covers where VBC is today and where it’s expected to be over the next three years due to CMS policy, market dynamics and opportunities, and innovation. KLAS interviewed 54 healthcare executives from 51 organizations who lead areas including population health, finance, strategy, and operations between February and August 2022. The researchers assessed the organizations’ current use of risk-based contracts, their plans for taking on additional risk over the next three years, and their perceptions of 11 vendors that offer solutions or platforms to providers to help them achieve their VBC goals in the future.

“We thank KLAS for investing in this research, which provides crucial insights for healthcare organizations’ long-term planning,” said Abhinav Shashank, cofounder and CEO of Innovaccer. “The amount of financial risk providers will take on is going to steadily increase over the next few years. For example, every Medicare provider is having their Part B payment adjusted based on MACRA’s value-based care timeline. In addition, providers and health plans increasingly want to leverage value-based care delivery and reimbursement models that promote better clinical outcomes and experiences, while reducing the cost of care. But they can’t manage and thrive with these highly complex models without first unifying their data across EHRs and HIT systems, to unlock the power of patient data to optimize insights, processes, and performance on risk-based contracts.”

Most respondents plan to expand their VBC contracts and anticipate that a larger percentage of their revenue will be tied to VBC over the next three years. The report also reveals that participation in commercial plans, Medicare Advantage programs, and Medicare Shared Savings Programs will continue to be high, while Medicaid plans—which have the potential to affect a large number of lives—will see the biggest growth. A healthcare director interviewed by KLAS said: “We really feel like Innovaccer stands out among many of the other vendors we have looked at, so Innovaccer has the solution that can help us move forward in contracts as we learn and better understand the data that is coming in through the tool.

Innovaccer’s Population Health Management Solution Suite and its extensive library of Innovation Accelerators bring technology and services together to help providers accelerate their transformation to excel at value-based care. Powered by the Innovaccer Health Cloud and it’s #1 healthcare data and analytics platform, Innovaccer’s solutions let providers connect, curate, and activate ultra-high-quality patient data to improve clinical outcomes, experiences, and risk-based financial performance through the optimal delivery of value-based care. It infuses a unified patient record into care workflows by breaking EHR and other HIT data silos to end data fragmentation, giving providers a single source of patient truth to drive and optimize their population health strategies.

KLAS members can access the full “Value-Based Care Reimbursement 2022” report here. Readers can get a demo of Innovaccer’s Population Health Management Solution Suite or speak to a VBC expert here. Other Innovaccer resources for providers looking to improve their population health management performance or transitioning to risk or planning to take on greater risk in the future include:  


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