Revolutionizing Healthcare with Augmented Intelligence and Social Determinants of Health

According to one study, clinical care accounts for only 20% of the health outcomes of patients, while health behaviors, social and economic factors, and physical environment combined to influence the remaining 80% of health outcomes. To drive better clinical and financial outcomes, healthcare organizations need to expand their lens to view social elements affecting their region.
This research paper expands on the implications of social determinants of health and discusses Innovaccer’s proprietary models for calculating the social vulnerability indices (SVI) score right up to the zip code level. The paper highlights the in-house research conducted by Innovaccer to get an in-depth understanding of the social determinants of health. The paper discusses the following points:
Understanding the value behind social elements in US healthcare

Innovaccer's revolutionary approach to calculating SVI score for any region

A sample analysis of the state of New York drilled down to the zip level

Future steps with SVI to deliver insights at the patient level


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