The Impact of Digital Transformation on the Payer Industry

The COVID-19 pandemic and the need for improved healthcare outcomes require payers to meet member care lifecycle requisites and build member-centric business models. In parallel, NCQA and CMS have made some critical regulatory and policy changes that have forced health plans to enhance the overall member experience and improve interoperability with providers.

About the Webinar

The current pandemic accelerated healthcare’s digital transformation, with providers and patients adopting technologies to ensure access to affordable and high-quality care.

This webinar brings together industry leaders’ perspectives on how health plans can identify and implement digital innovations and ensure sustained adoption.

You will learn

  • Digital transformation in the payer industry
    • Support for regulatory challenges
    • Quality, member engagement, and digital interventions
    • Impact on cost of care
  • Driving platform synergies across silos: Benefit operations, clinical services, and member/provider management
  • Value of advanced analytics with clinical and other data sources
  • Digital transformation and health equity in our communities and more.

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