Bridging the Gap: Insights on Care Management Triumphs and Trials

March 26, 2024 | 09:00 a.m.-10:00 a.m. PT
About the Webinar

In the challenging realm of healthcare, effective care management is pivotal for improving patient outcomes, curbing costs, and enhancing overall population health. Join us as our esteemed colleagues from PSW explore how a holistic care management strategy can bolster healthcare organizations in their pursuit of excellence in value-based care.

Michael Shannon, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Cheryl Moses, RN, Chief Nursing Officer and Jake Woods, Executive Director, ACO from PSW will share their wealth of experience and key insights from their organization. They'll delve into various facets of care management, shedding light on their firsthand experiences, triumphs, and challenges encountered at PSW.

Key Points Covered in the Webinar:
The significance of a certified care management program in supporting value-based care arrangements

Building fruitful relationships with network providers to advance care management programs effectively

Establishing comprehensive care management programs that prioritize whole-person health for diverse patient populations

About the Panelists
Learn from the industry leading experts
Jake Woods (Moderator)
Executive Director, ACO, PSW & NW Momentum Health Partners ACO
Michael Shannon, MD
Chief Medical Officer, PSW
Cheryl Moses, RN
Chief Nursing Officer, PSW

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