Consumer engagement hubs: Driving digital innovation with data, analytics, and technology

16 December | 11:30 AM-12:30 AM PT |
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About the Webinar

Today’s healthcare consumers expect personalized, unified experiences similar to the business models of Netflix, Amazon, Uber, and other purely digital platforms. It’s critical for healthcare providers and payers to understand their consumers deeply and use those insights to provide a seamless and unified experience throughout their care journey.

This requires organizations to connect EHRs, consumer engagement systems, and other systems, including external third-party sources, to create a comprehensive, unified patient record. But, siloed IT systems remain one of healthcare’s biggest challenges. Disconnected data limits information accessibility, data uniformity, and interoperability among systems.

A new approach is the healthcare consumer engagement hub framework, which helps connect disparate HIT systems, ingest and normalize consumer data, create a unified patient record that provides longitudinal insights that enable a new era of consumer engagement. Armed with a 360-degree view of the patient, providers and other healthcare stakeholders can now engage patients effectively across the care continuum with personalized, connected, clinically-relevant healthcare solutions.

You will learn
How has the pandemic—and the subsequent proliferation of digital healthcare solutions—impacted the average healthcare consumer?

How are organizations responding to the rise of consumerism in healthcare, and how can they provide a connected patient experience?

What is a “consumer engagement hub?” Where does that idea come from, and how does it apply to healthcare?

How is the consumer engagement hub different from existing approaches to consumer engagement?

How does the healthcare consumer engagement hub architecture help address the challenges of siloed healthcare data and disconnected systems?

How does it empower patients with access, choice, and affordability to help achieve the quadruple aim?

Health equity and social determinants of health (SDoH) interventions are top priorities for healthcare leaders today. What role can healthcare consumer engagement hubs play to enable more equitable access to care?

The healthcare consumer engagement hub framework is a comprehensive blueprint for the future of healthcare, but is it too much of a lift for near-term results? Is there a way one can accelerate that transformation?

Transformation depends on culture and processes. What can organizations do to go beyond digital innovation to develop a robust data management and analytics culture to embrace this change?

About the Presenters
Learn from the industry leading experts
Sri Bharadwaj
Vice President, Digital Innovation and Applications, Franciscan Health Information Services
Ellary Rose
Director of Consumer Relationship Management Strategy for Healthcare and Life Sciences, Microsoft
David Nace MD
Chief Medical Officer at Innovaccer, Former VP & CMO at Aetna, & Former VP at McKesson

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