Digital Transformation of Health and Human Services

21 Sep | 11 AM - 12 PM CT
About the Webinar

Health and human service agencies are increasingly focusing on digital transformation. This has been driven by the growing emphasis on improving health equity and whole-person care, with agencies actively working toward addressing the root causes of poor outcomes by understanding social vulnerabilities. This requires investment in “data readiness”: cloud-based technology solutions that enable these agencies to break down long-standing data silos and gain actionable insights.

Innovaccer and AWS are working with health and human service agencies to create an interoperable data ecosystem that promotes a data-driven culture. Earlier this year, AWS released a paper on "Medicaid Modularity" which addresses the changing needs of states, in moving from large-scale independent systems to more connected and streamlined IT systems. Innovaccer is at the forefront of thought leadership, helping health and human service agencies create a data fabric to drive innovation in the way health is incentivized, measured, and delivered.

Join the panelists, Paul Grundy, MD, Chief Transformation Officer at Innovaccer; Mary-Sara Jones, Principal Business Development Manager, Health and Human Services, Amazon Web Services; and Brandon Greife, Senior Director of Government Health at Innovaccer, as they discuss the advantages and challenges for states moving toward cloud-based healthcare infrastructures.

You will learn
The "state of affairs" in Medicaid's digital transformation

How whole-person care will move policy "talk" to realized "walk"

Smart money: When states purchase health outcomes rather than healthcare

Why nimble data infrastructures are a best-bet for data warehouses

The 3 biggest challenges that states will solve by moving to the cloud

How "data readiness" will make value-based care a state-based reality

About the Presenters
Learn from the industry leading experts
Paul Grundy, MD
Chief Transformation Officer at Innovaccer
Mary-Sara Jones
Principal Business Development Manager for health and human services at Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Brandon Greife
Senior Director for Government Health at Innovaccer

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