Health 1:1 is the Only Way to Reach a Health Consumer: Change My Mind

November 2, 2022
About the Webinar

The best and only way to articulate, personalize, and communicate an individual's precise health status is to talk with that person one-on-one, in every facet and action of their provider relationship.

From marketing to access to clinical to population health, a unified 1:1 consumer journey can ONLY be fully realized when data, process, content, and preference come together at the exact moment to deliver the experience consumers expect—one that is comparable to what they experience when they book a hotel room, buy a car, or simply make a dinner reservation.

Why can't it be that easy in healthcare? Jeff House, Vice President, Consumer Insights at Atrium Health, and Josh Schlaich, Director of Marketing at University of Utah Health, join Gary Druckenmiller Jr., General Manager, CRM at Innovaccer, to discuss the challenges, opportunities, and potential solutions to advance 1:1 initiatives

You will learn
How to orchestrate data, process, and content to build personalized patient communications?

How can liberating data open opportunities for healthcare marketers to build and scale outreach strategies?

What are the top health 1:1 initiatives heading into 2023?

Which performance metrics healthcare marketers are using to define success for their health 1:1 initiatives?

What are the most popular types of third-party data sources that organizations focus on to fill health 1:1 gaps?

Why healthcare leaders must employ a predictive approach to stay on top of meeting consumer expectations?

About the Presenters
Learn from the industry leading experts
Gary Druckenmiller, Jr.
General Manager CRM Innovaccer
Jeff House
VP Consumer Insights Atrium Health
Josh Schlaich
Director of Marketing University of Utah Health

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