Predicting and Preventing Adverse Maternity Outcomes

November 3, 2022
About the Webinar

There’s a maternal mortality crisis in the US, and it’s getting worse. The US now has the highest maternal mortality rate among all developed nations, with 174 deaths per 1,000 births, and the number is growing. Equally if not more worrisome is the fact that most maternal deaths are preventable.

Maternal mortality has direct and indirect impacts on communities, including at the most catastrophic level: the loss of human life. There’s the emotional toll on families and the population. There’s the financial and professional toll on healthcare providers who are not meeting patient’s needs for high-quality care and clinical outcomes. Lastly, from a community perspective, the impact is reduced workforce performance and lost revenue for employers and the public sector.

Understanding the broad impact this crisis is having on families, communities, healthcare quality, and economic growth, the Healthcare Transformation Alliance (HTA) partnered with Innovaccer to analyze de-identified claims data consisting of over 139 million medical records, longitudinal clinical histories, and publicly available social determinants of health data. The resulting analysis identified the top 10% of high-risk covered lives: and predicted high-risk complications prior to pregnancy, during pregnancy, and during postpartum.

This presentation shares the process and results of that analytics exercise, and demonstrates how, for patients at elevated risk, advanced analytics can predict pregnancy complications, enabling providers to intervene and improve outcomes. In addition, healthcare leaders from Meharry Medical College, a historically Black medical school, share real-life solutions to the problems revealed by the analytics exercise around disparities in maternal outcomes among women of color. Meharry’s experts discuss the unique treatment protocols they use to address maternal socioeconomic disparities and how these protocols positively impact the health outcomes of at-risk women.

It’s a compelling discussion rich with insights into how healthcare leaders, payers, and employers can use technology and data to identify disparities in maternal outcomes while exploring innovative treatment protocols to tame America’s maternal mortality crisis.

Tune in now and see how advanced analytics and Meharry's treatment protocols can positively improve the health outcomes of at-risk women.

You will learn:
How machine learning predicts at-risk women at the onset of their pregnancies by identifying clinical features linked to top maternity complications

How to use advanced analytics to address at-risk pregnancies

How social determinants of health (SDoH) influence the risk of maternal complications and tremendous disparities in outcomes

Treatment protocols that effectively address social disparities in maternal outcomes

How Meharry Medical is innovating to improve care quality, outcomes, and cost reductions

How the HTA as a cooperative of self-insured employers is leveraging its unique data aggregation and advanced analytics to drive better healthcare outcomes including maternal care

Policy implications for government and public health entities

How stakeholders can work together to improve maternal outcomes for at-risk pregnancies

About the Presenters
Learn from the industry leading experts
Chris Coy
VP of Data Analytics, HTA (convener)
Allysceaeioun Britt, PhD, MPH, Interim Vice President
Office of Faculty Affairs and Development, Asst. Professor, Division of Public Health Practice, Meharry Medical College
Connie Graves, M.D.
Medical Director, Tennessee Maternal Fetal Medicine and Perinatal Services at St. Thomas Health Systems; Clinical and Adjunct Professor at Meharry Medical College
Edward Hills, M.D.
Professor and Interim Chairman, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Meharry Medical College
Jeanette South-Paul, M.D.
SVP and Chief Academic Officer, Meharry Medical College
David Nace, M.D.
Chief Medical Officer, Innovaccer

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