6 Reasons Why Migrating to a Health Cloud Pays for Itself Through Exceptional ROI

When Amazon started offering cloud services in 2006, no one anticipated the larger impact they would have on businesses. Even a few years ago, the public cloud was considered experimental turf for tech start-ups. Today, every business, legacy or newly founded, regardless of the industry wants to follow the cloud-native path. The COVID-19 pandemic also enabled two years' worth of digitization in just two months—which was only possible due to cloud computing.

In the midst of this accelerated digitization, it's important for health systems to recognize the opportunities available to them through cloud computing. Microsoft's Chief Digital Transformation Officer and Healthcare Evangelist, John Barto, and Innovaccer's Chief Technology Officer, Mike Sutten, have compiled a detailed white paper to help HIT leaders understand six key reasons to migrate to the cloud.

Read this Whitepaper to learn about:
The importance of a health cloud to meet changing business requirements

How health systems can leverage the deep security expertise of leading cloud providers without any additional costs

Why cutting down IT costs doesn’t mean compromising capabilities

The path to improving business value with enhanced analytic integrity

How a health cloud can help health systems improve their productivity

How Innovaccer and Microsoft are accelerating digital transformation for health systems together


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