A Data-driven Approach to Improve Post-Surgical Outcomes with FHIR-enabled Data Activation Platform

Creating a data-founded approach to optimize pre-surgical care procedures and boost patient health outcomes.

Data analytics have pushed healthcare organizations to drive their data’s maximum value by aligning care strategies to analytical insights. A data-driven approach will become an essential requisite for health organizations in the near future. Care protocols are increasingly being reformed and evaluated based on parameters such as incorporating deep insights, predictive analytics, and process optimization. But, where are healthcare organizations in terms of prioritizing their data capabilities and leveraging data as a strategic asset?

In this paper, we understand how providers can leverage a robust data platform to redefine pre-surgical planning and optimization. We shed light on how an integrated data platform drives impact in the care management process by providing holistic patient profiles and deep insights to providers. We also discuss how robust care management and seamless coordination can help hospitals increase incentives with better outcomes. Towards the end, we discuss the ROI framework’s critical pillars designed to optimize end-to-end surgical planning for enhanced patient health outcomes.

Read this whitepaper to learn about:
Current Landscape: Journey from Disparate to Integrated Data Systems

The Intelligence Layer Powered by the Data Activation Platform

DAP in Action: Managing End-to-end Surgical Care

Extracting Analytical Insights from the Data Activation Platform: InGraph for Pre-Surgical Optimization

Enabling Holistic Care Management on the Data Activation Platform: InCare for Post-Surgical Care

The Key Steps to Surgical Planning with the FHIRⓇ-enabled Data Activation Platform

The Impact of Social Determinants of Health on Surgery Planning

Systematic Care Management for Pre-surgical Planning and Post-surgical Recovery


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