A Paradigm Shift in Healthcare Analytics: The Rise of Member-Level Social Vulnerability Index

Member-level social vulnerability index (SVI) is crucial for unlocking insights into personalized healthcare and targeted interventions that emphasize the role of claims and clinical data as primary sources for healthcare analysis.

This white paper explores the concept of a Member-Level SVI as a novel framework for assessing and addressing vulnerability at an individual level in communities. It also covers how by incorporating SDoH data into clinical workflows can help provider organizations improve care outcomes and elevate health equity.

Read this white paper to learn:
Data sources and indicators are necessary to calculate the member-level SVI

Validations that must be implemented to ensure accuracy and reliability of the member-level SVI

The characteristics, socio-economic factors, and personal circumstances which must be considered for a comprehensive understanding of vulnerability

The touchpoints in a member's care journey that can be leveraged for targeted interventions and support

How a nuanced understanding of vulnerability and an SVI framework can address individual vulnerabilities in communities


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