CMS and Health Equity: It's All About the Data

Nearly a third of all US adults and children require equitable opportunities to experience health and healthcare. Covering more than 86 million Americans, Medicaid is leading the charge to help states improve health equity across populations—through funding that improves the collection and use of SDoH data.

By adopting a state of greater data readiness, government health facilities and public health organizations can aggregate, normalize, and unify SDoH, claims, clinical, and other relevant data into a single longitudinal record. Advanced analytics then act upon the data—creating powerful insights that inform decisions and improve performance that positively impacts health equity, whole person care, and care outcomes.

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Read this Whitepaper to learn about:
The role of CMS in guiding and empowering health equity for Medicaid

Health and health care disparities among people of color

How Medicaid is helping states better capture and use SDoH data

CMS’ new framework for health equity and its impact to beneficiaries

How data readiness improves the value and performance of SDoH data


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