FHIR: The First Step in the Journey to Data Readiness

Everyone knows that FHIR is a key component for improving interoperability between healthcare stakeholders. But did you know that it also fuels the first step in data readiness—a key requirement to accelerate digital transformation.

By taking FHIR to its highest potential—which most organizations fail to do, limiting it to basic document exchange only—providers can maximize the insights, actions, and value of data across their enterprise. This helps improve clinical and financial results, as well as drive improvements in health equity and better manage the risk and the transition to value-based care.

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The data crisis that 97% of healthcare executives face

How turning FHIR inward makes your data more valuable

What data readiness is—and why it is important to digital transformation

How FHIR fuels the steps of data readiness

How a data platform helps five of today’s biggest healthcare challenges


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