The Five V’s of De-Risking Healthcare Data

Healthcare data platforms and projects are inherently risky. In fact, studies indicate approximately 70% of all data integration projects fail. And 58% didn’t believe their EHR vendor could support their enterprise data strategy.

It’s time to remove the barriers to transformation and de-risk data initiatives for the healthcare industry.

With today’s technology, this is within our grasp. But it takes a systematic approach to managing the risks inherent in any healthcare data system, no matter what technology is used.

In this new ebook, Dr. Anil Jain, Innovaccer’s Chief Innovation Officer and renowned expert on digital transformation, lays out the questions you should ask to avoid the traps that commonly plague data initiatives, and shares techniques you can use to avoid them.

Dive into this easy-reading ebook to learn The Five V’s of De-Risking Healthcare Data. and put this proven framework to work in your organization.

Read this ebook to learn:
A comprehensive, time-tested framework to de-risk initiatives while strategizing, testing, and implementing data initiatives, no matter how simple or complex.

How can we move from data volume to value by focusing on business-critical data

How can diversifying data sets help paint a clearer picture of the entire health system

What questions should healthcare executives ask before strategizing and implementing data initiatives

For each of the Five Vs, Dr. Jain covers the Premise, Traps, Strategic Questions, and Benefits.


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