Leadership Perspective: Accelerating Innovation at the Intersection of Medtech and Healthcare

The healthcare industry has long been ripe for disruption, and with the rise of MedTech innovation, transformation is finally starting to happen. Significant advances in digital technology and clinical solutions have driven the development of smart devices, companion applications, early diagnosis algorithms, and the delivery of better care to patients. Nevertheless, the associated explosion in data has exacerbated healthcare’s fragmented and siloed data ecosystems.

Kyle Fenelly, Head of Digital Health Solutions - MedTech, Innovaccer, moderated conversations between industry leaders Christian Howell, Chief Commercial Officer, Cognito Therapeutics, and Dr. Kenneth Stein, Senior VP and Chief Medical Officer, Boston Scientific. The duo shared insights on some of the key challenges and opportunities at the intersection of healthcare and MedTech, including the importance of natural language processing (NLP) and the need for more contextualized patient data, among other topics.

Here are 6 key questions that you can expect to have answered by reading this ebook:
How are digital health advancements transforming patient care and provider interactions?

What challenges arise from the proliferation of data applications in healthcare?

How can healthcare organizations address fragmented data and integration challenges in MedTech innovation?

What measures are crucial for building trust in MedTech innovations, especially in terms of data trust and algorithm transparency?

How can AI tools like NLP and ML translate real-world data into evidence?

What role do providers play in adopting AI tools and accelerating MedTech innovation?

Tags: Medtech 
Tags: Medtech 

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