Overcoming Healthcare’s Data Readiness Crisis


Everyone in healthcare knows interoperability is a problem that’s been talked about for decades, yet little progress has been made in unleashing the power of patient data by freeing it from the many healthcare IT systems we all use, starting with the EHR.

If healthcare leaders know that consolidating and activating patient data is the modern path to improving clinical, financial, experiential, and operational outcomes, why are health systems still using clipboards and fax machines to exchange patient data?

In this industry report, we examine:
How to get access to clean, centralized, shareable data to achieve interoperability.

Why providers need to move from siloed, fragmented patient data to a unified (longitudinal) patient record.

Why healthcare lags behind virtually all other industries in adopting digital transformation, and how can it be changed.

The four interrelated steps to achieve data readiness.

How the Innovaccer Health Cloud’s Data Activation Platform is helping providers build the future of healthcare today.


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