How Private Equity Organizations Can Speed ROI From Investments in Specialty Practices

Private Equity (PE) investment in healthcare reached an all-time high in 2021, followed by 2022, in terms of disclosed deal value. Meanwhile, penetration of value-based care models is growing by double digits. This growth underpins a robust investment thesis, suggesting that value-based care could continue to be a lucrative investment domain. Indeed, the increasing importance of value-based care suggests that the potential return could be as high as a "$1 trillion prize" in enterprise value, based on a McKinsey analysis.

While primary care and Medicare Advantage are the locus of investment activity, opportunities across specialty segments are expanding. Recent CMS Innovation models, such as the Oncology Care Model (OCM), the Enhancing Oncology Model (EOM), and the ComprehensiveKidney Care Contracting (CKCC) model are enticing both practices and PE investors. The question then becomes: How can private equity firms speed ROI from investments in specialty practices, and accelerate their return on their piece of that trillion-dollar prize?

Key Points
Build or Buy: Should specialty practices invest in building their tech stack or opt for pre-existing solutions?

Maximizing ROI: Find out how selecting the right data and tech partner can lead to higher returns on your investment, streamlining your operations, and improving patient outcomes.

Navigating Risk Adjustment: Understand why it is critical for a tech partner to support specialty practices in navigating the complexities of risk adjustment, optimizing revenue, and compliance.

Single Vendor vs. Multi-Vendor: Explore the pros and cons of adopting one vendor for all your data needs versus leveraging a multi-vendor strategy for a seamless, comprehensive solution.

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