The Road to Greater Payer-Provider Collaboration

For U.S. healthcare to realize its goals of better health outcomes at lower care costs, enhanced payer-provider collaboration is critical. Value-based care and corresponding payment models are the key enablers of that collaboration. Most health systems and physician groups engage in some collaboration with health plans, but a significant number have superficial efforts.

Read this whitepaper to learn about:
Overcome historic barriers to improved payer-provider collaboration to improve care and financial outcomes

Learn how data analytics and care delivery infrastructure improvements enable holistic, continuous care services needed to achieve better health outcomes at lower costs

Understand how the pandemic exposed the power imbalance between payers and providers and what to do about it

How opportunities for interoperability and data standards can be use to incentivize payers to share data and align strategy with providers

And much more! Be inspired to come together and improve healthcare for all stakeholders by using the ideas and advice shared by Dr. Silverstein.


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