The Business of Value Realization


Vendors make a lot of promises to add value. But how do provider organizations truly know if those promises are being kept?

Innovaccer has developed a Five-Pillar framework for value realization (VR) that is trusted by our provider partners in both VBC and FFS payment contracts.

Innovaccer’s value engineering (VE) team optimizes VR to improve provider operations, revenue, and workflows.

Read this white paper to learn:
Why VR is a must for providers and the growth of VBC

The five pillars and value levers that optimize VR and its results

Why Value Engineering (VE) is an effective practice for driving VR results

Example cases that show how VE reveals reductions in readmissions and ED spend, among other goals

How to keep vendors honest by bring VE efforts to payers, public health, employers, and life sciences


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