The Impact of Digital Maturity on Performance in US Hospitals and Health Systems

High digital maturity hospitals perform 2.1x to 5.3x times better on all competitive metrics, according to a new national research study conducted by Frost & Sullivan and commissioned by Innovaccer.

To understand the specific factors and outcomes associated with the digital transformation of US hospitals and its impact on their success, Frost & Sullivan surveyed a range of hospital sizes and types.

In this paper, Daniel Ruppar, Consulting Director, Healthcare & Life Sciences at Frost & Sullivan, discusses the survey results, and reveals the impact improving digital maturity can have on hospital performance and strategy.

He also suggests ways for hospitals to accelerate to the highest level of digital maturity.

The report also includes a digital maturity diagnostic self-assessment that readers can take to see where their organization stands on the digital maturity curve, and receive guidance that will help improve their digital maturity.

In this white paper, you’ll learn:
Where hospitals stand on the digital maturity curve

Current imperatives and initiatives in hospitals

What challenges are hospitals facing while striving to improve digital maturity

How hospitals addressing data and analytics strategies

Are hospitals still behind in terms of leveraging the cloud?

The key areas where digital maturity drives competitive advantages for hospitals?

The imperatives and initiatives that hospitals are implementing to progress digital maturity

What tools are hospitals using to engage patients, and if those are the right tools

The role of a data and analytics platform in accelerating hospitals’ digital maturity

And much more!


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