The Reimagined Consumer Journey

The traditional patient-provider relationship is experiencing challenges and undergoing significant changes. A surge in consumer-centered thinking and expectations is being realized by providers who, under increasing financial pressures, recognize the importance of how they acquire, manage, and retain healthcare consumers.

A reimagined consumer journey is the next step in how providers find, guide, and keep patients for life, through a true health 1:1 journey and experience. This happens through the coordination of applications and processes that combine personalized engagement, clinical care, commerce, and patient experience—driven by aggregated, normalized, unified, and activated data across a healthcare organization.

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In this white paper, we share:
New perspectives and challenges in the evolution of healthcare’s core relationship

Four horizons that empower the right data and message in a health 1:1 journey

The Reimagined Consumer Journey (RCJ): shown in steps and tasks

How the RCJ integrates advanced CRM technology with revenue cycle intelligence

Key advantages of healthcare-based CRM over retail-based CRM variants


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