Suspect Coding Application

InNote for Epic Now Available in the Connection Hub

Close coding gaps, engage providers, curb physician burnout, and unlock better value of your Epic investment with Innovaccer’s popular point-of-care application

Maximize Your Risk Contract Outcomes with Enhanced Coding Accuracy and Seamless Data Integration

Integrate InNote with Epic EHR to identify missed and suspected conditions, and give providers analytics-driven actionable insights at the point of care, culled from unified patient data.

Diagnosis-level conditions, whether suspect or dropped, are integrated directly into physicians’ Epic EHR workflow. This allows providers to conveniently accept or reject codes during review, and allows comments with supporting MEAT Criteria documentation.
Bolster Epic’s interoperability between affiliates, networks, other EHRs (Cerner, athenahealth, etc.), and external records (via QHIN/DATA sharing networks). Unify workflows to streamline referrals, quality gap closure, clinical decision support offerings, and more.
Spend less time typing and more time with patients. InNote’s voice recognition technology allows physicians to easily update patient records, prescriptions, and treatment plans with spoken voice notes.
Drive appropriate referrals, and instantly communicate referral statuses back to Epic when the originating and referred physicians both use InNote.

Get More ROI from Your Epic EHR

Innovaccer’s InNote integration—verified by Epic and available in the Connection Hub—helps providers achieve their clinical and quality goals, while cutting IT overhead and security risks
Get higher ROI from your Epic EHR investment through better clinical, financial, operational outcomes
Reduce burnout and improve the provider experience and satisfaction by automating repetitive administrative tasks
Stratify patient risk and take a granular approach to improve care quality
Grow revenue and ROI across risk contracts with exceptional physician engagement
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