Better Connections Mean Better Outcomes.

The days of doing things manually are thankfully over. Take delivery of care to the next level with InConnect, a one-stop patient engagement solution


Address Patient and Physician Demands, Expand Clinical Care and Reduce Expenses

Free up your care teams from reaching out to patients individually.

  • Send bulk messages or voice outreach
  • Schedule when it’s most effective
  • Evaluate outreach impact
  • Collaborative worklists

Enhance provider-patient collaboration at each step with simplified communication:

  • Two-way secure texting with support for documents and recordings
  • Send and receive surveys

Enable patients to make informed decisions with the right support.

  • Dispatch appointment and screening reminders
  • Share care-focused educational content
  • Develop educational content library for patients
  • Generates new leads
  • Helps in nurturing leads journeys and acquisition
  • Generates retention insights to launch retention campaigns

Inconnect helps you build Relationships with your patients Far more efficiently and effectively.

Automated patient outreach and triaging capabilities
Voice and text support based on requirements and needs
Upload and download files in desired formats
Centralized access to complete health records & schedules

Customer Story

Engagement Made Simple and Efficient

Learn how a CIN based out of Nebraska automated their patient outreach mechanism to improve patient engagement, educate them, and save multiple hours of their care teams daily with InConnect, a one-of-a-kind patient outreach management solution.
Decrease in readmissions
Increase in patient satisfaction
Overall engagement rate
Estimated generated savings
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