Point-Of-Care Technology for Smarter, Holistic Care

An EHR-agnostic physician engagement solution that delivers intelligent clinical, network, and referral insights at the point of care.


Address Patient and Physician Demands, Expand Clinical Care and Reduce Expenses

Access patient information at your fingertips to make data-driven clinical decisions with a:

  • 360-degree patient view
  • Actionable coding and care insights at the point of care
  • In-built physician performance cards

Provide information on specialists to drive the right referrals. Easily schedule referrals with InNote and ensure the continuity in care for patients.

  • Search by specialty, payer, and geography
  • Know insights around the cost and quality of specialists
  • Automate referral process with the patients

Give physicians access to actionable insights on their patients. Deliver an overview of physician performance with InNote and ensure alignment with the

  • Track number of care gaps closed
  • Know your efficiency across cost, quality, and patient experience

A seamlessly integrated solution to deliver holistic care with intelligent point-of-care insights

Real-time insights within the EHR
Actionable information at your fingertips
Synchronized with daily schedules
Comprehensive patient history

Customer Story

Delivering the right information to physicians at the right time

Learn how an ACO improved its clinical and financial outcomes by delivering comprehensive patient information and bringing the physician at the center
Attributed lives
Number of physicians
Shared savings
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