Quality Management Solution

Elevate Quality Metrics and Meet Compliance with Quality Management Solution

Measure, report, and submit real-time data in standard formats to improve quality scores.

Empower Providers with Monitoring, Measurement, and Enhanced Quality Outcomes

Drive Higher Quality Results, Optimize Costs, and Ensure Accurate Reimbursement

Gather and unify patient information from EHRs, claims, supplemental clinical data, and external sources like HIEs for a comprehensive patient view. Enhance quality management with pre-built quality measures across programs like HEDIS, UDS, MSSP, ACO REACH, MIPS etc.
Leverage predictive models to identify high-priority patients and use in-built outreach module for targeted outreach, enabling strategic prioritization and resource optimization in closing care gaps
Enhance efficiency with a point-of-care solution InNote, to streamline task management and quality gap closure. Enable providers gain insights on gap closure and directly update gap status with supporting evidence, fostering seamless collaboration between physicians and quality managers for enhanced patient outcomes.
Elevate outcomes and payer compliance with integrated solutions to simplify reporting workflows, adapt to diverse payer formats, and consolidate data for comprehensive reporting capabilities across multiple programs such as AMP, MIPs, CQMs, eCQMs, MSSP Web Interface reporting, etc.
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Improve Quality with Innovaccer’s Quality Management Solution

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