Risk Adjustment

Move beyond outdated programs and engage Providers at point-of-care with Innovaccer’s InNote

InNote delivers accurate risk scores while reducing costs, turning risk adjustment into a member-focused program improving care and enhancing provider coding.


InNote—Innovaccer's EHR-Agnostic Physician Engagement Solution

Actionable information at the point of care driving gap closure and value-based care outcomes
EHR agnostic, works on any EHR

Used in more than 96K providers nationally with pre-built connectors to over 80 EHRs

Enables bi-directional information sharing between payers and providers at the point of care


Optimize Your Risk Adjustment Practice with Point-of-Care Provider Engagement

Harmonize claims, clinical, and supplemental data into a unified data model infused with NLP insights.
Achieve high integrity risk recapture and suspecting for gap closure using scalable cloud computing and powerful AI.
Extract greater insights with a comprehensive set of interactive reports and dashboards on performance and opportunities.
Capture a member’s health journey including gap triggers with links to encounters, supporting claims, and clinical evidence.

Customer Stories

Peer Talk: How a Lack of Data Readiness is Impeding Digital Transformation and the Future of Risk Adjustment

Innovaccer recently surveyed healthcare leaders on current risk adjustment payer challenges and inferred insights.
leaders prioritize Member Engagement above all else
leaders see Risk Adjustment Framework as biggest challenge
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