From Disease Treatment to Disease Management: Why Digital Portfolios Are the Future for Biopharma

Abhinav Shashank & Smriti Khera
Wed 30 March 2022

Why should biopharma think beyond point solutions to truly change care for the better? A new advisory in STAT has the answers.

Here’s our take: Biopharmaceutical companies have digitized several aspects of the value chain, including clinical research and commercialization, but they haven’t established a strong digital connection to the healthcare environment. Most digital solutions such as patient portals, beyond-the-pill solutions, and digital therapeutics create new ways to intersect pharma/biopharma with healthcare, but these one-off apps and tools add to the massive influx of siloed data already present in healthcare.

To create a fully integrated connection between healthcare organizations and biopharma requires a digital disease management ecosystem. The Innovaccer Healthcare Platform can help build this ecosystem. Innovaccer’s platform lives at the intersection of healthcare and life sciences. It integrates siloed data sources and connects with clinical workflows to create unified patient records that produce more valuable insights than singular apps and siloed data sources.

To find out how biopharma can make the most of their digital investments and bridge the gap between pill, physician, and patient, take the deeper dive and dig into the advisory published in STAT.

Read the Article in STAT
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