Virtual Care Solution

Providing Care with Automated Scheduling with Innovaccer’s Virtual Care Network

Thu 28 January 2021

Telehealth and virtual care have become the new normal for the healthcare industry during the COVID-19 pandemic. While telehealth was making gradual progress, the pandemic accelerated this transformation to bring in ten years of change within a matter of months. Telemedicine has become the digital front door to care on-demand, facilitating effective care delivery anytime, anywhere.

This wave of digital evolution has pushed organizations to transform their processes to put them in sync with market demands. Having a single source of truth to view your availability and scheduling your patients is a crucial feature in initiating the virtual care process, which entails automating the scheduling process for easy accessibility and interaction.

Innovaccer has reinvented how its virtual care solution interacts with your scheduling workflow to scan your appointments, select your virtual visit appointments, and auto-schedule your virtual visits on our platform.

  • Our Virtual Care Network solution quickly integrates with the most popular PMS/EHR systems using 75+ pre-built connectors. If your scheduling solution is capable of sending out an HL7 SIU message, your scheduling workflows won’t change at all.
  • Our Bi-directional SIU scheduling integration with your EHR(s) enables your staff to continue to schedule virtual appointments in your existing scheduling system, while our system automatically remains in-sync with yours through integration.
  • Our VCN solution triggers your patient’s virtual visit details and delivers them in the format that makes the most sense. Innovaccer’s state-of-the-art Data Activation Platform kicks in when your scheduling solution presents limitations, ingests data from your scheduling solution as batch files at very high frequency, and delivers the same auto-scheduling workflow in near real-time.

The Virtual Care Network is a comprehensive solution designed to simplify the way you schedule your virtual visits. The platform can be accessed from anywhere, anytime, on any device to enable on-the-go consultations. It collates the information to send it back to your EMR to create a single pool of information, ensuring no data is lost in the process. Stay tuned for the next feature blog on Innovaccer’s Virtual Care Network.

To learn more about our virtual care solution, get a quick demo here.

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