In with

the Data Activation Platform

A way to right the wrongs of technology and get healthcare working as one.


The big picture of
healthcare information

Each patient gets private, customized care with unique plans, a dedicated team, and outcome-focused goals. The Data Activation Platform connects the healthcare industry like never before. It connects you to your patients like never before. It opens our eyes to what healthcare should be.

The Data Activation Platform powers innovaccer’s unique capabilities by
offering four products for key users


Insights. Care coordination. Reports. All in a moment’s work

Seize the nanosecond and get automated care delivery that helps boost your clinical outcomes with InCare, the industry’s most advanced care management and coordinated care offering. InCare provides a wide range of solutions to help care teams simplify redundant tasks, bridge care and coding gaps, improve patient engagement and deliver better care outcomes.


The most powerful population health management tool available

With InGraph, you have a wide array of analytics at your fingertips with more than 250 quality, utilization, and cost measures, risk models, and episodes supported with capability to build your own measures whenever you want. It comes with six built-in dashboards covering quality, network, utilization flow, episodes, and cost of care.


Point-of-care technology
for smarter, holistic care

InNote brings a full view of the patient right to the moment of care. It helps networks cut through the noise and enables them to close the gaps in real time to deliver quality outcomes with 100% efficiency. This is physician engagement the way it was meant to be.


Better connections mean
better outcomes

The days of doing things manually are thankfully over. Take delivery of care to the next level with InConnect, a one-stop patient engagement solution. InConnect helps you build relationships with your patients far more efficiently and effectively. You can better engage and empower patients to make more informed decisions about their health.