Eureka! Unified Data is Gold for Improving Drug Launches, Market Access, and Patient Outcomes

Team Innovaccer
Tue 05 Apr 2022
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Today’s special guest, Dr. Subir Roy, Takeda’s Associate Director of Global Medical Affairs, has been at the intersection of pharma, commercial strategy, data, and technology helping drive greater results in drug development, commercialization, and patient outcomes.

He believes that unifying siloed data from patients, providers, and other healthcare stakeholders will be like striking the mother lode for life sciences companies. Eureka effects are waiting to be unleashed by the insights now hidden by fragmented patient data.

Joining Dr. Roy on today’s show is Dr. Anupam Kulkarni, Associate Director, Life Sciences, at Innovaccer. Before joining Innovaccer,, Dr. Kulkarni was at Roche and played an integral role in one of the fastest drug-to-market releases in India.

Here's what they discussed.

  • What benefits to expect from the shift to virtual provider engagements
  • How key opinion leaders at providers help influence drug development
  • The “missed mantra” that limits successful drug commercialization
  • How data fragmentation impacts a drug launch
  • Why 46% of drug launches fail
  • Closing the unified data gap
  • How to improve market access and clinical decision making
    The four factors that affect medication adherence
  • Fusing AI and real-world data (RWD) to drive patient drug trial enrollment
  • What pharma is doing to mimic Amazon’s market and pricing strategies
  • Predictions on the future of consumerism, real-world data, and value-based care

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Team Innovaccer
Eureka! Unified Data is Gold for Improving Drug Launches, Market Access, and Patient Outcomes

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