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“Real-world data and real-world evidence are truly critical. If there are barriers in the way of accessing the data, those important insights could be missed. They'll remain locked inside of an organization, and this could truly impact so many objectives that an organization may have.”
Rob Dribbon
Advisor, formerly Merck
“This, interoperable layer, is really where Innovaccer has been able to pull together not only the real-world data, but they're able to bring that across the value chain with their ability to actually convert all of this data into usable format.”
Susan Aroyan
Analytics Lead
Healthcare and Life Sciences
“One of our primary goals in our implementation is the ability to find and share data. So an analyst, a developer, a scientist can start looking for data and they can go through a catalog and that takes some robust amount of metadata management.”
Mike Sutten
Chief Technology Officer

Key pillars to our vision

Activate Data
Link and activate your real-world data from disparate sources to generate real-world evidence.
Leverage Insights Across your Enterprise
Rapidly create cohorts for R&D, commercial, or post-market observational studies.
Facilitate Prompt Action
Partner to build a solution and integrate the ability to facilitate timely research actions.
Innovaccer Overview - Data Activation Platform

Building a data strategy that goes beyond the data lake

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