What are the Biggest Healthcare Challenges to be Addressed at NAACOS’17?

Abhinav Shashank
Wed 05 Apr 2017
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Amid new payment models, upcoming technologies on a daily basis, and looming uncertainties in immediate future, ACOs find themselves dealing with some challenge or the other frequently. The idea behind bringing ACOs to the frontlines was to achieve high-quality patient care, bend the cost curve, and deliver better health outcomes across populations. At times like this, it’s paramount ACOs find solutions to counter the challenges coming their way:


  • Troublesome and tedious Excel Sheets

    One of the major challenges staffs in healthcare organizations face is data on static Excel sheets which not only reduces the efficiency but also makes the processes prone to errors. These not only reduce the patient-doctor time but also increases unnecessary work for doctors.

    The major focus should be on providing the care teams with a manual override through the intuitive dashboards. Datashop removes the hassle of Excel sheets by automating most of the processes and sets the priority on the basis of the real-time data.

  • Real-time monitoring and tracking of population health

    In modern healthcare’s context, it is of paramount importance that the value-based strategies are supported by technology backbone for better outcomes.  

    Capturing data from incoherent sources, standardizing it, and running analytics to learn about performance trends, growth, and areas for improvements in real-time remains to be a challenge for many organizations till date. This could be a major setback for a large organization geographically spread in numerous service locations.

    Datashop’s Integrated Data Lake has been designed to integrate and crunch the data for analytics in near real-time to provide the care teams with accurate data in the right time for right care.

  • Lack of Interoperability

    Even after years of digitization of healthcare in the US, ACOs have constantly have faced troubles due to the lack of a common standard to facilitate data sharing across or out of the network to be a major roadblock. Despite technological innovations, having a common platform designed with existing standards, and getting stakeholders on board with one way of sending and receiving data is a major concern.

    Datashop comes with pre-built connectors to 64+ Data systems that provide plug-and-play connectivity to care teams to gather data from multiple sources.

  • Patient and Caregiver experience

    A holistic framework for value-based care would be incomplete without the necessary patient experience. Population Health Management is the foundational step for targeted interventions and driving preventive care which will  help us in caring patients according to their health status, healthcare organizations can proactively identify and address patients that may be at the risk of unplanned hospital admissions. Risk stratification is a framework all ACOs should implement to achieve truly accountable care. Moreover, consistent follow ups on patients’ health to close the care loop extremely important.

Innovaccer recently launched Datashop Insights that combines Datashop’s strong prescriptive analytics and machine learning algorithms to provide healthcare organizations with a manual override to automatically set and address their workflows. The bidirectionally interoperable platform connects health systems, hospitals, payers, physicians, and other network entities and facilitates easy data sharing across the network to improve care delivery.


Complementary ACO Performance Reports

Innovaccer will be providing free, customized reports to ACOs attending the conference with an aim to equip them with a better understanding of how they are performing. The report contains a detailed account of an ACO’s quality of service, their resource utilization, and their financial performance. The report is complete with conclusions and recommendations for improvements for every ACO and can be collected from Innovaccer’s booth.

Innovaccer very recently collaborated with one of the biggest ACOs in the US, Iowa-based Mercy ACO as their technological partner in delivering value-based care. Datashop was deployed at Mercy ACO as an integrated data repository, incorporating clinical, financial, lab, pharmacy, and immunization data incoming from more than 65 locations. Datashop has helped Mercy ACO efficiently manage and improve contract performance, quality reporting, care coordination, and clinical documentation improvement for more than 300,000 lives and drive value in care.

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Abhinav Shashank
What are the Biggest Healthcare Challenges to be Addressed at NAACOS’17?

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