How a Texas-based MSO integrated disparate EHRs to activate their data and close gaps in care

By activating their healthcare data from all over the network, a Texas-based MSO created a holistic view of the patients to power patient outreach and engagement. With real-time data-driven insights and streamlined care management, the care teams were able to close gaps in care and record their increased performance.

One such Texas-based MSO, with over 300,000 attributed lives, has already deployed Innovaccer’s Data Activation Platform to integrate data from claims, labs, and admission-discharge-transfer (ADT) feeds and has already begun to perform well on closing care gaps.

The organization was able to:

  • Reduce ED visits by 4% for attributed lives.
  • Lower healthcare costs by more than $28 million for a single payer in the last two years.
  • Record an increase of 11% in specialist referrals to in-network providers.
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