The latest Gartner research can help CIOs get informed about critical new competencies for data curation, management, and enrichment. The report asserts that healthcare’s digital data dexterity demands a data curation and enrichment hub for a plethora of reasons, including:

Gartner, Healthcare’s Digital Data Dexterity Demands a Data Curation and Enrichment Hub, Laura Craft, 1 December 2020

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Poor data quality: According to Gartner, “They can help solve some common difficulties like poor data quality, multiple sources and formats of data, and privacy and security regulations and restrictions.”
Need to close gaps: A key finding of the report states, “Healthcare delivery organizations (HDOs) and payers executing population health management and transitioning to digital care delivery models will feel the gaps, bottlenecks, and delays created by poor data movement.”
Evolution to Digital Care Delivery Demands Data Dexterity: Gartner further states that the result of evolution is “an expanding ecosystem of care management, coordination, and data exchange, demanding highly complex governance and policy enforcement.”
Convergence: This model represents the “dominant activity in the healthcare ecosystem where providers, payers, and life science companies all converge in creating value for the patient.”
“Healthcare data curation and enrichment hubs facilitate data liquidity and dexterity”
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