Innovaccer Expands its HXP Capabilities with the Launch of AI-Powered Healthcare Contact Center

Team Innovaccer
Wed 5 June 2024
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The contact center solution is ushering in a new era of healthcare, by driving next-level consumer experiences, improving operational efficiencies and revenue growth through AI

SAN FRANCISCO—5 June, 2024— Innovaccer Inc., announces the launch of its AI-powered Healthcare Contact Center to fuel the patient and member experience. This announcement follows the company’s recent launch of the Healthcare Experience Platform (HXP), the AI-powered platform developed to help personalize patient’s care journey, deeply engage patients in preferred digital channels, improve patient access, and maximize ROI.

Healthcare organizations face the challenge of meeting patient and member experience expectations in today’s increasingly consumer-driven landscape. This gap is evident at every touchpoint and is particularly notable in contact center interactions, where the agents constantly battle limited and siloed data and operational pressure. These issues hinder the delivery of the personalized experience that individuals and their families are looking for, leading to decreased satisfaction and a decline in patient retention, ultimately impacting the organization’s bottom line.

“Innovaccer’s AI-powered Healthcare Contact Center was developed to revolutionize patient engagement by offering healthcare providers an intuitive and efficient solution. Holistic caller profiles combine clinical, demographic, behavioral, and engagement data, helping agents to enhance productivity and focus on ensuring improved overall quality of care,” said Abhinav Shashank, cofounder and CEO of Innovaccer. “The solution unifies communication across the healthcare journey to deliver a highly personalized and superior customer experience.”

With the launch of the AI-powered Healthcare Contact Center, patients and members can expect higher conversion rates and satisfaction through automation, enabling rapid appointment scheduling and first-call resolution. The solution's strength lies in the AI features that are purpose-built for healthcare-specific use cases to improve patient access and operational efficiency.

The solution is built on top of Sara, Innovaccer’s smart AI assistant that supports agents with real-time call monitoring and provides the next best response. By eliminating the documentation burden, Sara significantly boosts agent productivity, enabling them to focus more on delivering exceptional patient experiences. The solution enhances patient engagement and satisfaction through the following:

  • Empowering patients to access healthcare services, improving overall satisfaction
  • Automating task routing workflows across all care team members, the solution enables agents to book appointments, register for events, submit a grievance, and upsell services faster than ever before. This ensures more rapid first-call resolution, saving patients and providers time.
  • Enriching agents with a 360-degree view of patients by merging clinical, demographic, behavioral, and engagement insights.
  • With CTI integration, agents instantaneously recognize patient profiles from incoming calls, streamlining omnichannel communication and facilitating efficient, skill-based routing.
  • Providing comprehensive security with robust security measures guarantees compliance with regulations, safeguarding patient data while delivering seamless communication experiences.

Integrating advanced AI technologies, the solution provides streamlined workflows that significantly enhance patient access and experience. The AI-powered Healthcare Contact Center equips agents with innovative tools to improve operational efficiency for first-call resolution rates and patient visits. It reduces average response time, ramp-up time for agents, and scheduling errors. The solution prioritizes stringent compliance requirements and security standards in healthcare.

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About Innovaccer

Innovaccer is the data platform that accelerates care innovation through innovative AI technologies. Innovaccer’s AI-powered healthcare platform unifies patient data across systems and care settings, and empowers healthcare organizations with scalable, modern applications that improve clinical, financial, operational, and experiential outcomes. Innovaccer’s EHR-agnostic solutions have been deployed across more than 1,600 hospitals and clinics in the US, enabling care delivery transformation for more than 96,000 clinicians, and helping providers work collaboratively with payers and life sciences companies. Innovaccer has helped its customers unify health records for more than 54 million people and generate over $1.5 billion in cumulative cost savings. The Innovaccer platform is an industry-leading data and analytics platform, the Best in KLAS CRM solution, and the #1 rated population health technology platform by Black Book. For more information, please visit


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