Innovaccer Receives 2022 Best in KLAS Award in New Data & Analytics Platforms Category

Team Innovaccer
Tue 8 Feb 2022
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Innovaccer earned the top ranking based on high customer satisfaction, product quality, and product value scores in KLAS Research’s first annual assessment of data platform solutions.

SAN FRANCISCO, February 8, 2022 ( -
Innovaccer Inc ., the Health Cloud company, announced that KLAS Research has presented the 2022 Best in KLAS award for Data & Analytics Platforms category to the Innovaccer Data Activation Platform, as part of its annual assessments of healthcare industry software and professional services.

After interviewing customers across leading vendors and collecting more than 600 comments, KLAS ranked Innovaccer as the overall leader in its new Data & Analytics Platforms category with a score of 92.2 out of 100, reflecting market-leading product performance that meets or exceeds customers’ goals for high quality implementations and functionality, seamless integration, training, support, and delivering new technology that drives tangible outcomes and value. Innovaccer also received the highest customer satisfaction overall, with 85% of customers reporting they were “satisfied” or “very satisfied" with Innovaccer’s Data Activation Platform.

“2022 is the year of the data platform, and we’re thrilled to be ranked #1 in this new category,” said Abhinav Shashank, cofounder and CEO of Innovaccer. “People are starting to realize that they need a data platform to drive digital transformation. The big winners in healthcare are going to be the organizations that understand their data well and can drive transformation by unlocking the value of their data. And to do that, a data platform is essential because it makes it possible to electrify your data assets and drive rapid innovation. KLAS creating a Data & Analytics Platforms category is a clear recognition of that.”

Innovaccer’s Data Activation Platform offers a fresh approach to driving whole-person care. It breaks down data silos by unifying healthcare data into a single, longitudinal patient record in an open yet secure cloud data platform. In this unified data model, all healthcare data sources—including clinical, claims, labs, pharmacy, and even external third-party data sources such as social determinants of health (SDoH)—are cleaned, standardized, and integrated. The developer-friendly data platform supports FHIR standards for healthcare data interoperability and has the ability to write custom analytics models that can work across the platform and applications.

A Best in KLAS Award recognizes software and services companies that excel in helping healthcare professionals improve patient care. The rankings—which represent direct feedback from providers, payers, and payviders—represent the level of commitment, partnership, and performance that top-ranked vendors should provide. The comprehensive KLAS assessment provides insights into how healthcare executives commented and ranked performance of leading data platforms across multiple performance areas.

“Integration is Innovaccer’s superpower,” notes a healthcare CEO and president interviewed by KLAS. “They have recognized something that a lot of companies are trying to do, which is to bring together messy [healthcare] data and unify it. Even when we are starting to get into FHIR and things like that, there is a cafeteria of different data types and sources. Some of the formats are messy, and some are clear. Innovaccer has really built their capabilities, not just their technology, to ingest and integrate data. They [allow] their customers to take their own direction and bring in their own upstream data sources. We need to be able to be pointed toward necessary data sources, even if another vendor has a weird connectivity mechanism.”

Being recognized by KLAS Research as a Best in KLAS vendor and a leader in any category—let alone a new category, such as Data & Analytics Platforms—is one of the highest honors a vendor can receive. It validates the success of a vendor’s technology and its contributions to the healthcare industry. The mission of the annual KLAS assessment is to help providers and payers evaluate best-in-market technologies. It determines its rankings from a combination of in-depth interviews and data points captured over a period of 12 months through a process of customer interviews. Its transparent and impartial insights provide an unbiased view of market solutions and how they provide value.

The 2022 KLAS Data & Analytics Platform report is available now to KLAS subscribers. For more information about the Innovaccer Data Activation Platform, visit


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