XO Health and Innovaccer Announce Partnership to Improve Member Experience

Team Innovaccer
Fri 26 Jan 2024
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Innovaccer will serve as XO Health’s enterprise platform hub, integrating CRM and PHM data, analytics, and workflows to deliver exceptional whole-person care experiences.

SAN FRANCISCO— January 26, 2024Today Innovaccer Inc. and XO Health announced a strategic partnership. The collaboration uniquely leverages the Innovaccer data platform, suite of population health management, and customer relationship management solutions to transform the XO Health member experience.

XO Health is the first health plan designed by and for self-insured employers to create a more unified health experience for everyone. The plan, which works solely with self-insured employers, redefines how health benefits are designed and delivered. Through an innovative technology-led approach, XO is eliminating the deeply entrenched system inefficiencies that plague legacy health and pharmacy plans. Their unique business model connects the interests of all stakeholders, making it possible for employers to offer solutions that meet the needs of their workforce.  

With active engagement at every step, members can easily access care that’s right for them, and providers can focus on what they do best–deliver quality care. By partnering with Innovaccer, XO Health will empower its data-first approach with longitudinal member health data, hyper-personalized outreach and engagement, industry-leading analytics capabilities, and continuous performance measurement to improve both the patient experience and outcomes.

“We believe that optimizing experiences across all stakeholders fosters greater trust in the system, leading to superior outcomes,” said Swati Mathai, cofounder and CEO of XO Health. “Innovaccer is a foundational partner for XO because of its ability to support our vision of an end-to-end, unified member/patient experience without the artificial barriers that have existed between benefits, claims administration, clinical care delivery, and health advocacy. XO and Innovaccer are pioneering an industry-first offering that includes a singular longitudinal member record and source of truth that powers more effective and meaningful interactions between members and their care providers.”

Leveraging advanced consumer insights, XO Health unifies best-in-class experiences with clinical care journeys through a tailored healthcare data platform. Innovaccer's enterprise CRM integrates, cleans, normalizes, and standardizes consumer, clinical, and claims data, providing XO health advocates with a single comprehensive view of the members. And Innovaccer's end-to-end care management solution, built on its healthcare data platform, will enhance the quality of care for XO Health members. In addition, population health management analytics will enable real-time data integration for XO Health’s trend analysis and reporting.

The Innovaccer Platform serves as a central hub for XO Health, supporting all CRM and population health management (PHM) functionalities. The XO health team is able to seamlessly integrate other vendor applications with the Innovaccer platform through FHIR API and integrate fragmented health data. This creates valuable insights that help improve patient care and experience.

“We’re incredibly excited to partner with XO Health in transforming the self-insured employer market,” said Abhinav Shashank, cofounder and CEO of Innovaccer. “All the stakeholders have aligned interests around improving member experience, optimizing the quality of care, and reducing costs, but it takes unified data and integrated solutions to execute on a transformative new approach. Our healthcare platform makes that possible.”

About XO Health

XO Health is a groundbreaking new health plan on a mission to fix healthcare for employers and the employees and families they cover. The XO Health platform enables greater alignment across healthcare benefits and healthcare delivery, making it easy to achieve better outcomes.  Physicians are rewarded, not hassled for delivering the right high-quality care; plan members can connect to care on their own terms with zero anxiety; and employers have the visibility and control they need to offer responsible and meaningful coverage. With a new blueprint and an unparalleled team of industry leaders, XO Health is uniquely positioned to disrupt the healthcare landscape and deliver the transformative change the industry deserves. To learn more, please visit www.xohealth.com.

About Innovaccer

Innovaccer Inc. is the data platform that accelerates innovation. The Innovaccer platform unifies patient data across systems and care settings, and empowers healthcare organizations with scalable, modern applications that improve clinical, financial, operational, and experiential outcomes. Innovaccer’s EHR-agnostic solutions have been deployed across more than 1,600 hospitals and clinics in the US, enabling care delivery transformation for more than 96,000 clinicians, and helping providers work collaboratively with payers and life sciences companies. Innovaccer has helped its customers unify health records for more than 54 million people and generate over $1.5 billion in cumulative cost savings. The Innovaccer platform is the #1 rated Best-in-KLAS data and analytics platform by KLAS, and the #1 rated population health technology platform by Black Book. For more information, please visit innovaccer.com.


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