Healthcare Data Activation

Accelerate digital transformation with modular healthcare data management solutions


Activate Data and Unlock Innovation

With powerful data management tools of the Best in KLAS data & analytics platform to accelerate your transformation

Data Activation Platform

Ingest, Augment, and Distribute Activated Healthcare Data

With the industry-leading cloud-native, modular suite of data management solutions to deploy and rapidly accelerate your data transformation

Rapidly activate EHR, ADT, lab, pharmacy, and HIE data feeds with more than 270 pre-built connectors.
Accelerate enterprise digital transformation with the Best in KLAS Healthcare Data Platform
Unlock siloed healthcare data by migrating and activating cloud-based data with no-code pipeline configuration and ML-assisted data mapping.

Customer Stories

Enhance Member Engagement With the Innovaccer Health Cloud

To deliver exceptional care and keep members engaged, organizations need effective, convenient, and affordable network management solutions..
Unified Patient Records created and distributed
Data exchange leveraging augmented data sets
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