A Look at the New Normal of Healthcare: Perspectives from Industry Leaders

The U.S. healthcare system has undergone ten years of change in a matter of months. Indeed, COVID-19 is the catalyst for changes we expected a decade from now, and many predict these changes will be sustained in some form after the pandemic subsides. The pandemic has caused many operational and financial complications for healthcare organizations. They lack a standard care framework to prepare themselves for the technological challenges in the post-pandemic world. This research report features industry leaders’ strategy and viewpoints and highlights multiple focus domains for the new care delivery paradigm. Additionally, it depicts a “Care-As-One” framework that can help healthcare organizations to manage the pandemic better and devise strategies for the new normal.
The report includes insights and ideas from leaders such as:
David B. Nash, MD, MBA, Founding Dean Emeritus at Jefferson College of Population Health

Dana Zanone, MD, VP HIO, Adventist Health

Rakhal M. Reddy, MD, Medical Director, Informatics, Adventist Health

Judi Nightingale, DrPH, RN, Director of Population Health, Riverside University Health System

Glenn Steele, Jr., MD, Ph.D., Vice-Chair, Health


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