Personalized experience starts with a Healthcare Consumer Engagement Hub (HCEH)

A Healthcare Consumer Engagement Hub (HCEH) helps to empower health systems and providers to connect systems, data, and insights to successfully engage consumers along the entire continuum of care.

Data in this survey report shows that even organizations with high adoption of CRM systems are not able to generate value and advance consumer experience. They struggle to deliver seamless omnichannel engagement with consumers across the healthcare journey.

At the same time, there is a section of breakaway organizations that have an advanced level of consumer engagement. Their ability to integrate, streamline, and apply longitudinal patient data in a dynamic way, go beyond traditional CRM with Healthcare Consumer Engagement Hub (HCEH).

This report points out a significant opportunity for healthcare organizations to establish a connection between data, process and content and carry out contextualized omnichannel outreach to patients, and enjoy effective collaboration with patients and physicians.

Key findings:
72% health organizations use CRM systems to reach out to prospective patients and manage relationships.

Yet, 76% struggle to implement seamless, omnichannel engagement with their consumers across their healthcare journey.

Pain points that prevent effective collaboration with patients and physicians include: remote patient monitoring (51%), longitudinal health records (45%), risk stratification (35%) and built-in SDoH (27%)

A segment of providers (22%) has achieved a high level of data readiness.


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