Building the Future of Connected Teams: A Story of Innovation

Join us for this exclusive webinar with Anna Taylor, MS CIPCT, Director of Operations, MultiCare Connected Care, Tamra Ruymann, Chief of Digital Health, Physicians of Southwest Washington (PSW), and David Nace, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Innovaccer Inc., where they will explore value-based strategies healthcare organizations can deploy from the success stories of these two organizations.

About the Webinar

Healthcare is at the brink of a massive transformation. Over the last ten years, the industry has spent billions of dollars on digitizing healthcare processes with great success. That was step #1 of the journey. On top of that, most organizations cannot leverage the troves of health information locked in electronic silos, hampering any future innovation. What is the way to find that missing link? Learn more about how organizations like Physicians of Southwest Washington (PSW) and Multicare deliver high-quality care and improved outcomes like reducing avoidable ED visits using a combination of Innovaccer’s application suite and third-party applications developed using the Innovaccer Health Cloud development toolkit.

Watch this session to learn about:

  • How can the use of data-driven care management help healthcare organizations in advancing value-based care initiatives?
  • How is PSW building the future of connected teams?
  • How is Multicare enhancing health outcomes across its network?
  • How can healthcare organizations identify KPIs to improve value-based care and enhance operations overall?

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