Healthcare 2021: New Strategies for the New Decade

Value-based reimbursements in healthcare have the opportunity to provide immense value for providers and payers. Although the new payment models are uncharted territories, the goal is simple: how can healthcare organizations change their operations to encourage value over volume? Healthcare organizations need to adopt some innovative means to monitor their performance and leverage these insights to improve their patients’ outcomes?

Healthcare 2021: New Strategies for the New Decade

Watch this recorded session of the webinar where we explore the value-based strategies some of the leading healthcare organizations have adopted to succeed with new payment models in the new normal. We will examine how the use of data can help organizations build high-performing networks that encourage providers to deliver top-quality outcomes at a lower cost. Now that we’re empowered with the lens of AI and activated data, it’s time we leveraged it to create exceptional patient care that can drive both better outcomes and lower costs.

You will learn

  • What are the challenges that payers face in providing patient access to healthcare data?
  • What are the critical factors to consider for the implementation of the regulatory mandates within compliance deadlines?
  • How is the payment landscape changing in healthcare? What is the new face of risk-sharing arrangements for providers and payers?
  • How can advanced models, such as direct contracting, contribute to the formation of stronger partnerships?
  • How are health systems changing the way they conduct their administrative, clinical, and financial operations?
  • How AI and ML assist organizations in leveraging their data and creating the efficiencies necessary to drive value?

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