Welcoming the New age of HealthCare’s Digital Transformation

Join us for our exclusive webinar with Dr. David Nash, Founding Dean Emeritus, Jefferson College of Population Health, Michael J. Camacho, Division Vice President of the Clinically Integrated Network (CIN), CHI Texas, and David Nace, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Innovaccer Inc. This webinar will discuss how the digital transformation wave has changed the healthcare landscape for the provider organizations?

About the Webinar

Healthcare witnessed ten years’ worth of change in just a few months! In the fight against the pandemic and beyond, the need to evolve to a more technology-driven value-based care system is necessary. Harnessing the power of integrated data is critical to improving the processes, allowing for seamless payer/provider support, and ultimately meeting patient expectations. Data and technology are helping healthcare organizations develop predictive models for individuals and implement patient-specific interventions, yet it is a long way to go!.

You will learn

  • What has been the digital transformation trend of healthcare in the past decade and where is it headed now?
  • Why has it been so hard to apply advanced data analytics to healthcare? How can we eliminate the data barrier?
  • How can technology-enabled solutions aid healthcare organizations in the new normal of healthcare?
  • How can we enable the providers to leverage the full potential of technology and drive better outcomes?
  • How can a healthcare data platform drive synergies across stakeholders to achieve better clinical and financial outcomes?
  • How did CHI Texas gain a better view into its network parameters such as emergency department visits, skilled nursing facilities operations, population health statistics, and more, by turning their data into actionable insights?

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